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Screen Tenants Effectively and Fast ($25.00 per screening, Requires a subscription)

Screening Tenants Just got a whole lot easier!

Smart Property Systems makes it easy – we take the guesswork out of credit reporting and provide recommendations based on accumulated data from the screening. Finally, landlords with just a few units can enjoy quality tenant screening that was once available only to the largest of Property Management Companies! Now you can run full service comprehensive tenant screening right from your Smart Property Systems account.

Smart Property Systems provides the best quality reports with special pricing for member-users. Package activation is easy with online enrollment.

Tenant screening insures that you can rest easier by renting to qualified renters who have a history of paying rent on time, keeping business agreements and do not have felony or sexual predator convictions. By using comprehensive background checks you have fewer potential tenant problems.

This is not just a credit report.

Tenant screening, with Smart Property Systems, means that you receive support through the entire rental process. Each screening includes four separate comprehensive reports that are compliant for fair housing and fair credit and more. Our reports include the credit report, criminal history, sexual predator check, homeland security list and identity verification with social security number confirmation.

This information is put into an automated “Decision Making” model that makes a recommendation to:

Start Screening
  1. Lease
  2. Lease with conditions
  3. Deny
  4. Inconclusive, decision in need of additional clarification.

A credit report alone does not equal our comprehensive background tenant screening for your rentals.

Allow tenants to complete applications online by sending your potential tenant an invitation to apply which serves as your application as well. The report will be sent back to you with the recommendation based on the results of the screening.

Regular comprehensive tenant screening will result in a more reliable tenant population by reducing turn-over and producing more profitability for your business.

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