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Timmi Ryerson CEO Smart Property Systems Inc.

You may have seen offers for other property management software platforms which are available free of charge, but as you know, you always get what you pay for. Just as you take great pride in your investment property or property management business, we at Smart Property Systems pride ourselves in the most advanced software solution which we have developed just for you, and we also have the highest level of customer service available for the property management industry today. Let us help you add value to your business as you extend this state of the art software technology platform and service to your tenants and other participants as well. On average, this great property management solution will only cost you about $5 per rental unit when you factor in the convenient pay per use services like tenant screening, paperless leases and electronic rent payments. We’re confident that you’ll be able to more than compensate for that minimal cost per unit by earning more per unit due to reduced vacancy rates, monthly rents commensurate with your improved service, and more efficient operations. We feel that we’ll be able to help you make more money, not just give you something for free.

Use this Cost Calculator to help you get an idea of your base cost for a subscription month to month. Contact Sales (855 796 7771 X 1) for answers to your questions or sign up for a free trial and test it out for yourself. If you have a large number of properties, we have assistance for onboarding that makes the change in functionality easy for all participants.

Montly costs

How many units do you manage?

How many additional employees/agents will need to work on the system? These are employees other than the account holder's profile

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General Business
Owner Portal check_box
Message Center check_box
Automated Lease Management check_box
Associate Portal Primary account holder free {{selectedPackage.associate_limit}} free employees + {{selectedPackage.additional_associate_fee|currency}} per additional employee per month
Agent Portal Primary account holder free {{selectedPackage.agent_limit}} free employees + {{selectedPackage.additional_agent_fee|currency}} per additional employee per month
E-Sign documents 1 free e-sign per unit per year + {{selectedPackage.esign_fee|currency}} per e-sign document
Accounting & Financials
Property Accounting check_box
Financial Reports check_box
Automated Tenant Statements check_box
Rental Payment Processing {{selectedPackage.rent_processing_fee|currency}} per EFT transaction 2.8% for CC transactions (Tenant Pays)
Vendor Payment Processing {{selectedPackage.vendor_payment_fee|currency}} per payment
Tenant Screening {{selectedPackage.tenant_screening_fee|currency}} per screening
Virtual Assistant {{selectedPackage.virtual_assistant_fee|currency}} per 15 min segment
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